Teen Top’s CAP Headed To College This Fall

The members of Teen Top are currently enjoying their short break after ending their Clap promotions on September 5th’s Inkigayo. Their oldest member CAP (19) is just about to head to college and is hoping for a great upcoming year for Teen Top.

Though it’s only been a couple of months since their debut, Teen Top has already shown signs of staying in the kpop world. With their Daum Cafe signing their first endorsement deal, Teen Top’s hard work and dedication seems to be paying off.

Memeber CAP was recently interviewed during the Chuseok holidays in order to get an insight on the rookie singer. As this is his first year celebrating the Chuseok holiday as a singer, it must be a completely different experience than the usual. “As a 19-year-old about to enter college, I want to enter in a good mood. I met with my family members to meet the mid-autumm. But, needless to say, my members and I enjoy hanging out with each other and our friends during our break.”

Their debut performance seems so long ago to some, but in reality it was only two months ago that Teen Top entered the Kpop scene.“We eneded our Clap promotions in September. I feel like we did well in the beginning and ended on a good note, because everything should have a good ending, right?”

Any future plans for another Teen Top single? It may be too soon to tell, but fans are already hoping to hear new material from them.MTV has yet to announce their planned appearance in their US show, Vice Guide To Everything“Even though we prepared for a long time, we still had many failures. Never mistake the next song from the beginning in order for us to create the best stage possible.”

With CAP beginning his college life, it will undoubtedly be hard to juggle his idol activities and his student life. “I hope to become a curious student. I would like for the early years to hold the same lyrical mood.”

His final thoughts about the upcoming year? “The goal for next year is for Teen Top to win some awards! I’m sure this is something we can achieve!”

Source: Star News
Translation by TeenKai@6teensontop.com
Written by wonderwonders@kpoplive.com


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