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SHINee and Dara’s Etude CFs Released



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2PM tackles the wilderness for ‘Cass Beer’

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Lee Hyori’s Clio CF revealed

Last week, it was announced that Lee Hyori would become the new spokesperson for the makeupbrand, Clio. Lee Hyori’s first TV CF for Clio was unveiled today.
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Rookie Idol Infinite’s first CF filming

Infinite, who is among the most-anticipated groups in the entertainment industry, filmed their first CF since debuting.

Daum Communication’s social networking service ‘Yozm’ has chosen Infinite as its model, and their bright and talented image was shown in the CF.

‘Yozm’ is a social networking service from Daum that is focused on 10-20 year-olds.

‘Yozm’ opened in February, and within half a year has gained over 300,000 users. Along with Infinite, 4minute, UV, BEAST, T-ara, and other popular celebrities have been using the service to communicate with fans.

Infinite’s ‘Yozm’ CF will be in three episodes, composed of introducing searching, time signals, and Yozm applications. Each member’s different personalities will be put into play in the creation of each part.

In the ‘search’ episode, the Daum search bar is said to have been melted by Infinite’s powerful dance, and the ‘time signal’ and ‘Yozm application’ parts are also gaining high interest.

A Daum representative stated, “Infinite’s freshness, along with the members’ powerful personalities, matches well with ‘Yozm’, so we picked them as our CF models”, “We feel that both ‘Yozm’ and Infinite have been receiving a lot of love from young people, so it will be appealing”.

Infinite released their first mini album ‘First Invasion’ and promoted their title track ‘Come Back Again’, and is now promoting their follow-up song ‘She’s Back’.


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The MV Release You’ve All Been Waiting For… SISTAR

SISTAR has released their music video for their endorsement of the popular game Chrono’s Sword.

They released a CF for Chrono’s Sword not too long ago and the full music video is here.

In the video, the girls look beautiful as always as they sing quite a catchy song. From the middle of the video to the end, the girls are singing in a dark area with spotlights shining on them. I think this will boost the popularity of the game because the song is so catchy. Check it out below for yourself!

Source:AKP & 4HipStar

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Kim Ji Won is the official Big Bang Lollipop Girl

Big Bang’s Lollipop girl has finally been unveiled!

It was announced that Kim Ji Won is the chosen Big Bang’s Lollipop girl. She already became a hot issue by becoming the #1 searched item on the 8th because of her past CF.

This lucky girl will get to film the Lollipop CF with Big Bang. The identity of this girl had been kept secret for awhile to create suspense and they even covered her face with a huge lollipop in a photo to build suspense.

People recognized her from her old CF and this garnered a lot of attention for her.

Have a look at her previous CF:

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2PM and SNSD’s super hot Caribbean Bay Everland CF

Summer is coming and you know it’s hot! But what can be hotter than the girls of SNSD and guys of 2PM actually stripping…for a water park commercial?

Check out this mega hot CF teaser featuring SNSD’s Yoona, Seohyun, and Yuri and 2PM’s Nickhun, Taecyeon, and Chansung. Get a taste of what summer is all about!

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