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What are the strengths of the top 5 K-pop girl groups?

Today, the entertainment industry is overflowing with idol groups that are armed with each of their own strengths and colors, particularly girl groups. With such a huge variety of girl groups blooming in this ‘Girl group Golden Age’, Osen recently ran an article where five of the top representative girl groups of K-pop were examined and compared for each group’s strengths. Amongst the countless cliche girl groups currently on the market, it is these girls who have maintained their own territory with their unique set of charms and separated from the rest of the pack.
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G.NA debuts with duet song ‘Things I Want To Do If I Have A Lover’ featuring Rain

‘New Generation Diva’ G.NA is set to debut with duet song ‘Things I want To Do If I have A Lover’ with world star Rain.

Known for her great vocal capabilities and luxurious charms even before her official debut, G.NA is set to debut with the duet ‘Things I Want To Do If I Have A Lover’ with Rain set to be revealed on 5th July. G.NA was set to debut in group 5Girls consisting of WonderGirls YooBin, After School UEE which she is also the leader member, but she later on joined Cube Entertainment when the group disbanded.

Her debut duet song is a pop ballad with urban R&B rhythm and acoustic guitar sounds. This will also be Rain’s first duet song since his debut.

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Friendship between SunYe and HyunA shows with warm hug on recent Mnet show

Girlgroup 4Minute HyunA and WonderGirls SunYe’s friendship shows through their appearance together on a recent broadcast show.

On the recent Mnet ‘Trend Point File Season 5′, the show brings the audience backstage to look at the recent fashion that girlgroups have been wearing onstage. And during the show, SunYe was seen looking up HyunA who was monitoring her own performance. It has been a while since they have met as the WonderGirls had been busy with their promotions in the States.

The 2 were seen hugging each other and smiling, their friendship showing. After watching the show, netizens commented, “It’s good to see them since having a close relationship”, “You see the mother-like smile come out”, “I hope their friendship don’t change” etc.

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Haelim’s Surprising Confession

Wonder Girls’ Haelim’s affection towards Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is currently becoming a trending topic.

She made her confession through the recent episode of Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee’s “Come to Play” where both the Wondergirls and Super Junior appeared as guests.

Through the show, Haelim admitted, “Kyuhyun sings very well and has a nice impression.”

To add even more suspense to the topic, the other Wonder Girls’ members hinted, “She said something completely different yesterday.” What Haelim said that day remains a mystery, and the truth will be revealed on next week’s episode so stay tuned!

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WonderGirls confesses, “We like Big Bang more than 2PM”

The WonderGirls confesses, “We like Big Bang more than 2PM.”

The girls were recently on SBS Family Outing 2 and they were featured having a pillow fight during their vacation to KangWonDo YangGoo BaeGgop Village. The girls aimed their unhappiness at 2PM TaecYeon.

YeEun then said, “2PM has never once gave us their CDs from when their 1st album came out till now. In the States, through the broadcast shows, we heard a lot of about how they have revealed that they had like So Nyeo Shi Dae more than us. We also like Big Bang more,” provoking laughter from the other star appearances.

The show is set to air on on 6th June at 4.55pm.

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Park KyungLim, “If SNSD is a cafe in Europe, WonderGirls is like a teahouse in Insadong”

Park KyungLim compares the 2 biggest girlgroups in Korea – WonderGirls and So Nyeo Shi Dae.

On KBS WinWin aired on 1st June, Park KyungLim said, “If So Nyeo Shi Dae is the cafe in Europe, WonderGirls give the feeling of a teahouse in InSaDong.”

She then gave collections of her experience with the WonderGirls, “I saw SunYe at a broadcast filming, and after that I saw again at the restaurant. I should be the one treating but in the difference of 2 seconds, SunYe has bought the meals first. After that, I met her at the radio program again, her expressions were just mother-like. She give off a really approachable feel.”

She added, “I met YooBin and SoHee near JYP’s office once. The weather was really hot so we went to an ice cream shop to get ice cream. I said ‘Choose whatever you want to eat’ and SoHee asked ‘Can I eat the one worth 700KRW?’. YooBin who was next to her said ‘There is the 500KRW one, you are really going to choose the 700KRW one?’,” which had roused laugther during the filming.

Park KyungLim said, “The next time I met them, I treat them like a family. They are friends who are full of affection.”

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KBS Music Bank 28.05.2010 – Super Junior wins 2nd #1 with ‘Bona Mana’

Today on KBS Music Bank, Super Junior won their 2nd #1 on KChart on the show with their comeback song ‘Bona Mana’.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

Goodbye stage

  • Rain “Hip Song”

Today’s Music Bank

  • Wonder Girls “2 Different Tears”

Super Junior “Bonamana”

4Minute “HuH”

f(x) “Nu ABO”


JJ “Bling Bling”

Secret “Magic”

HwaYoBi “Bye Bye Bye”

Vanilla Lucy “French Love”

  • Gummy “Since You’re a Man”
  • e.via “Shake”
  • Yoo SeungChan “Chemistry”
  • Park HyeKyung “New Boyfriend”
  • Tae JinAh ft. Maya “Like Love More than Money”
  • Seo YoungEun w. M to M’s Jung JinWoo “What an Awful Word”
  • Jerry w. 4Minute HyunAh “Going to Love”
  • Lyn “Honey Baby Love”
  • TaeSaBiAe “Like a Flower in My Heart”

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