A-YO =) Seoulove is available for link exchange or affiliation. Open for those blogs, sites, forums and fanclubs related to K-Pop and K-Drama. Send me the url address through my email account: or simply leave a comment.


Just Leave Us Your Fansites, Blogs, Forums, Fanclubs:

  • URL
  • Site’s Name
  • Site’s Icon (optional)

42 responses to “Affiliates

  1. hi.. i already added you..
    you can view your icon at our widget..

    here’s ours

    * URL :
    * Site’s Name :’ Favourite
    * Description : We’ll Give What You Want – Anything ’bout Super Junior-

    * Site’s Icon :

    if you need our help, just tell me..

  2. i would like to exchange affiliate again..
    this time for our fanclub and forum..

    forum URL:
    fan club URL:
    forum description: here where all ELF talk about super junior
    fanclub description: here where all ELF unite to know each other

    please use the icon for both link

  3. thanks

  4. sorry again..
    can you please change the forum and fanclub icon into this

  5. sorry more new fansite

    name: Asian OST Fanatics
    description: Find OST Of Famous Asian Drama & Movie

    thanks 🙂

  6. i added you..thanks

  7. Hi!
    Site’s name:TVXQ Romania
    Site’s Icon:

    I’ll add your icon on my forum…you can check

  8. URL :
    Site’s Name : xinkiss family
    Site’s Icon :

    <img src="; border="0" alt="ukiss" title="all about u-kiss, d-na and xing"

  9. add my site pliss

    im already add your site n banner
    here my banner :

  10. ღLuRVeHeeChulღ

    i would like to affiliate once again..
    inform me when you added mine please

    name: Asian OST Fanatics
    description: Find OST Of Famous Asian Drama & Movie

  11. ღLuRVeHeeChulღ

    such a long time since i last contact you..
    just would like to ask for your help..
    can you please publish this in your site..
    it’s about us getting 1 year old..
    please,please 🙂

  12. URL:

    Site’s Name: AraShinKi

    Site’s Icon:

    My blog is about Arashi and DBSK *-*
    The content is in portuguese…

    Thanks for affiliating ^^

  13. hi.. i’m from ELFes Favourite.
    i would like to invite you to do a discussion about how to improve our sites to be the best Super Junior’s fansite. All admins and moderators of your site are invited.

    The First Meeting:
    date~18 May 2010
    time~8 pm ( korean time )

    we will do our discussion at our FORUM site on the chatroll but you MUST register first.

    please do attend because we need to share all the info and tips to make our sites better and work hard together to support Super Junior.

    If you LOVE Super Junior, MAKE SURE you ATTEND..

    i’ll appreciate your attendance. and also all admins and moderators.

    p/s ~ please publish this news to all Super Junior fan sites that you know in order to gather world wide Super Junior’s Fansite Admins and Moderators.

    have a nice day..

    please send me mail if you can't attend

  14. hi..

    URL :
    Site’s Name : Kiss.Blue.Beast
    Site’s Icon :

    our affiliation page is still under contruction..
    just inform me when you added our site

  15. * URL:
    * Site’s Name: Greek Kpop Lovers
    * Site’s Icon (optional):

    Thank you in advance! I am going to add you too!

  16. I added your site already. =)

  17. *site’s name: Breaking Records

    *site’s URL:

    *site’s icon:

    *site’s description: Online Karaoke forum for mostly asian languages…^^

    I will add you then too..^^

  18. URL
    Site’s Name Kpop color
    Site’s Icon (optional)

    added u ^^
    (check the sidebar)

  19. Hi dear admin of seoulove,

    I’m from 13flowerboys@wp (as you know), would like to invite you to become our partner in our latest project,

    ‘Super Junior’s Year End Poll Award [YEPA]’

    You may read the detail here ;

    the project will end on 20th December 2010.
    As you can see there, the banner already done but I’ll modify it once you agree to become one of our partner. Of course, your logo will be added on the banner too..

    All you have to do if you want to become our partner are:
    1. promote the project in your site
    2. embed the poll to you site
    3. anything that you think can help to promote this project

    please add me at in order to received latest update about the project..

    Hope you can join it,

  20. hi..about the project, please send me your logo [jpeg format]
    i would like to put on the banner..
    all you need to do is promote the project and embed the poll..

  21. Hello there! I see that we are both involved in the year end poll by 🙂
    I hope we can also affiliate with out fan blogs.

    Heres our site
    Site name: iheart5UPERJUNIOR

    Site Url:

    Icon Url:

    Very nice to meet you!.. Ill be adding your affiliate button:)
    -Eunjo @ iheart5uperjunior

  22. TOPKHEART | Philippines Top Korean Heartthrobs
    Your blog’s icon / button:

    Kindly consider us, thank you so much!

  23. thank you, seoulove!

  24. hi..
    here’s the latest update for YEPA..
    please publish

  25. hi~
    we wanna affiliate with u, guys~

    Blog name : INFINITE SOUL
    URL :
    Banner link :
    Description : The Best Infinite Resource

    we already add yours at our blog affilite…
    thanks before~

  26. hi..i emailed you about YEPA update..hope you can read it

  27. URL :
    * Site’s Name : Allsnsd
    * Description : SNSD worldwide fansite that share every things about SNSD..

    We already add U on our Site..

  28. URL:
    Site Name: K-pop News
    Description: Dedicated K-pop news and features site

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