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SNSD’s HOOT Album Review

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SHINee’s Lucifer MV is Released

With their much-anticipated comeback and their recently released 2nd full album, ‘Lucifer,’ SHINee has finally released their MV.

The album is comprised of a mix of heavily upbeat tracks fused with tribal instrumentals. These dancing idols have brought back a ‘bad boy’ image with drastic changes in their look and concept.

The boys are hitting it hard this time, but will it be enough to win them awards?

Check out their MV below!

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SHINee returning as “Fallen Angels”? Track list revealed

SHINee’s 2nd full album (set to be released on the 19th) has finally been disclosed! The supposed album cover was released today and revealed the album title to be: ‘Lucifer’.

This interesting name choice has already stirred up debates among fans as they ponder the context. ‘Lucifer’ (Latin) comes from the words “lucem ferre,” which literally takes on the meaning “Bearer of Light“. Many agree that this is quite fitting as an album title considering the group’s name ‘SHINee’, is said to mean “one who receives light” or “one under the spotlight.” However, there are others who worry that the name may create controversy because of its negative religious connotations.

A list of songs said to supposedly be included on the album, was also revealed. Their titles include: ‘Lucifer’, ‘Your Name’, ‘Electric Heart’, ‘Up&Down’, ‘A-Yo’, ‘Love Still Goes On’, ‘Obsession’, and ‘Shout Out’. ‘Lucifer’, same-titled as the album, is speculated to be the title track and is reported to be of an “urban electronica” style. Quite the fad, during the 1980’s, this genre of electronica gained popularity through breakdancing.

Overall, the album is reported to have a generally more urban and ‘hip-hop’ feel to it.

Yet another surprise is in store for SHINee fans today. At approximately 8:00PM (KST), a video teaser will be released on SHINee’s official site for all to see. Keep your eyes peeled!

UPDATE: SHINee’s track list for “Lucifer’ had been revealed. It includes 13 new songs!

Track List:

  1. Up & Down
  2. Lucifer
  3. Electric Heart
  4. A-Yo
  5. 욕(慾) (Obsession)
  6. 화살 (Quasimodo)
  7. 악 (Shout Out)
  8. Wowowow
  9. Your Name
  10. Life
  11. Ready Or Not
  12. Love Pain
  13. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)

sources: newsen, shinee official site, hellokpop

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Taeyang’s first photo teaser & song title revealed

According to YG Entertainment’s announcement last week, fans still had a week until Taeyang’s album teasers would begin being unleashed to the public, but it looks like we’re already receiving a few treats from the YG Fam’s official website!

On ygfamily.com, YG discloses that the first two songs on the tracklist of Taeyang’s upcoming album SOLAR are SOLAR (shocker, I know), which will be the intro track of the album, and SUPERSTAR, whose music, lyrics and arrangement are completed by Teddy.

The first photo teaser features a side profile of Taeyang in a white wrapped top (is that a popped collar?) and bright red jacket along with Taeyang’s name in that familiar vintage font used for Where U At and other works.

If a photo speaks a thousand words, this might tell us a bit about what’s to come  – so far, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a melancholy track like Wedding Dress this time around. What kind of concept do you think Taeyang’s going to give us this comeback? Share your guesses below!

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New trio T-Blue releases first EP, “The FirsT Storee”

Members are 준우 (Joon Woo), 성용 (Seung Yong) and 용성 (Yong Seung).

They are under True M Entertainment.

The FirsT Storee:

Released: 2010.06.14
Genre: R&B/Ballad

01. Ma Girl (Feat.미풍)
02. Trust Me
03. It’s Real (Feat.미풍)
04. 자나깨나 니 생각 (Feat.JQ)
05. Christmas Again…

티블루 (T-Blue) – Ma Girl (Feat.미풍)

(T-Blue) – Trust Me

(T-Blue) – It’s Real (Feat.미풍)

(T-Blue) – 자나깨나 니 생각 (Feat.JQ)

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YG schedule for 2010? Gummy-se7en-Taeyang-2NE1

YG Ent begin 2010′s event in the Gayo industry with singer, Gummy. YG began the year without promotions for the first 5 months and finally started in May with Gummy’s promotions. She is going to make her comeback into the Gayo industry by releasing her mini-album “LOVELESS“. This is her comeback after 2years and 1 month since the release of her 4th album “COMFORT”. Teddy who is well-known for 2NE1′s “Fire” also composed an R&B HIP HOP song “As A Man“, which will be the song for Gummy’s comeback.

Contrary to having a quiet first half of the year, YG2010′s schedule for the next half of the year has been fully packed. After Gummy, we have se7en who is already in the midst of preparations. According to a statement made by YG, se7en will begin his comeback with a new album at the end of May. This is his comeback after 3years and 6 months since the release of his 4th album in 2006. se7en’s new album will be in the form of a mini-album. The comeback song has already been decided and has been revealed that ” It will be a totallydifferent style.”

2010′s YG’s ”3rd runner” will be Big Bang’s Taeyang. Taeyang revealed his digital single “Wedding Dress” last year and have since begun his second round of solo activities, a solo album. YG explained that other members were involved in variety shows, musicals, movies, etc but Taeyang has been working on his solo album after releasing “Wedding Dress”.

Starting with Gummy and se7en, followed by Taeyang, 2NE1 and Big Bang will also be releasing their new album ending the events for YG2010′s schedule.

G-Dragon’s solo album “Heartbreaker” allowed them to enjoyed year2009. G-Dragon also helped the other YG artists in the preparation of their albums and gave them his support. Although Big Bang have not decided when to make their comeback/ when to release their album, Big Bang’s Daesung already begin on his solo activities by releasing his ballad “Cotton Candy“. YG expressed that, ” Now, se7en, along with Taeyang and 2NE1′s albums are all in the midst of preparation concurrently.”

Chinese article: 2NE1 China
Translated: xiao de @ ibigbang

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H-Logic, Almost All Plagiarized?

Soon after the Lady Gaga plagarism incident, the Korean diva Lee Hyori is making headlines again. This time she was accused of plagiarizing not just one, but six of the seven songs in her new album H-Logic.

However, some of her loyal fans have questioned the accusation and suggested that the songs could have been remakes or that “it was the producer’s fault.

Hyori revealed the truth behind the plagiarism issue, claiming the songs were just demos and “the composer distributed the demo CD for these songs to be sold outside the country.” Fortunately, the songs weren’t actually sold or released as an official album.

Mnet Media stated that “Bahnus had made the songs about five years ago and had sold them, but he had made recordings of the guide and distributed the demo CDs. Also, because the song Swing’s author said to be anonymous, there is no need for copyright approval.”

The sexy queen has requested for the songs to be deleted off of certain music sites to prevent anymore unnecessary misunderstandings and copyright issues.

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