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Kwon and Gain’s First Performance in “All My Love” Receives ‘Passing Marks’

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WGM Adam, YongSeo and Khuntora couples to come together for the 1st time for horror special

MBC variety program ‘We Got Married’ will be doing a horror special over the Chuseok holidays.

And the show, to air on 18th September, will have all 3 couples Adam couple (Jo Kwon and GaIn), YongSeo (Jung YongHwa and SeoHyun) and Khuntoria (Nich Khun and Victoria) will come together at one place for the first time.
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Big Bang T.O.P A Playboy?

Could T.O.P be K-pop’s newest Playboy?


2. Taec-yeon (2pm) and Ki-kwang (BEAST)

3.Jo-kwon (2am)

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Jo Kwon and Narsha’s surprise kiss, “How will GaIn respond?”

Jo Kwon and his make-believe wife GaIn’s groupmate Narsha for a surprise kiss.

The 2 were on MBC SeBaKwi aired on 28th August when the 2 had to act out a scenario given to them by the MCs. Jo Kwon acted as a ‘crown prince’ who settles everything with money while Narsha plays his domestic helper.

Jo Kwon had put up a tough image and asked, “How much do you need?” and Narsha gave a funny response, “147,000 KRW.” Jo Kwon then caught Narsha by her wrist and said, “But I can’t buy you with money” and he pulled her close for a surprise kiss.

After the broadcast, viewers’ responses were, “I didn’t know Jo Kwon has such a side to him”, “What will GaIn do when she sees this?” , “Narsha will need to face GaIn after this” etc.

Source: Newsen & snjeung1@YT via sookyeong

2AM’s Jo Kwon celebrates his birthday

2AM’s kkab leader, Jo Kwon, recently celebrated his very own birthday and revealed a picture of himself via Twitter on the 28th. Continue reading

The truth behind ‘We Got Married’ casting decisions

News about the behind the scenes casting process that MBC’s We Got Married uses has recently been revealed to the public. Continue reading

INFINTE’s Sungjong takes on Jo Kwon in dance battle

We all know that 2AM’s Jo Kwon is the kkap king on variety shows but it appears that someone is waiting in the wings to take over from him.

On the recent Quiz That Changes The World episode that aired on August 1st, INFINITE’s maknae, Sungjong laid down the challenge to Jo Kwon with a dance cover of T-ara’s I Go Crazy Because of You. It was certainly a worthy kkap version of T-ara’s dance and the reactions from Jo Kwon and the other guests were priceless. Jo Kwon didn’t just lie down without a fight as he danced to a kkap version of miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl and a little of Two of Us for Chae Yeon who was also a guest.

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