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Jo Kwon and Narsha’s surprise kiss, “How will GaIn respond?”

Jo Kwon and his make-believe wife GaIn’s groupmate Narsha for a surprise kiss.

The 2 were on MBC SeBaKwi aired on 28th August when the 2 had to act out a scenario given to them by the MCs. Jo Kwon acted as a ‘crown prince’ who settles everything with money while Narsha plays his domestic helper.

Jo Kwon had put up a tough image and asked, “How much do you need?” and Narsha gave a funny response, “147,000 KRW.” Jo Kwon then caught Narsha by her wrist and said, “But I can’t buy you with money” and he pulled her close for a surprise kiss.

After the broadcast, viewers’ responses were, “I didn’t know Jo Kwon has such a side to him”, “What will GaIn do when she sees this?” , “Narsha will need to face GaIn after this” etc.

Source: Newsen & snjeung1@YT via sookyeong

Kim Sori blatantly shows her attraction for Lee Joon

Kim Sori expressed her attraction towards Lee Joon.

On the August 6th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth’, No JooHyun, Kim TaeWoo, Kim ShinYoung, Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha, T-Ara’s Hyomin, Secret’s Han Sunhwa, Kara’s Goo Hara, f(x)’s Victoria, After School’s JooYeon, Kim Sori, and MBLAQ appeared.

On this broadcast, Kim Sori showed her interest toward Lee Joon even before he introduced himself.

When the members accused her of being interested in Lee Joon, Kim Sori’s face turned red and she could not look up.

Kim Sori is 26 years old, while Lee Joon is 23, making their age difference 3 years. At this, Kim Sori said, “It’s just right”, “Three years is nothing”, making everyone laugh.

However, at Lee Joon’s statement that he “likes women who are feminine”, she got flustered and experienced humiliation after arguing that she was feminine.

SOURCE: Nate News
TRANSLATION: ilovepocky@AbsoluteMBLAQ

Shin MinAh confesses, “My body in photoshoot is photo-shopped”, while Narsha’s is 100%?

Actress Shin MinAh reveals the secret of her body in photoshoots.

Shin MinAh was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 3rd August when she revealed, “My body featured in photoshoots are photoshopped.”

Shin MinAh who was picked as the entertainer with the best body said, “In jeans CF, there is a need to emphasize on the hip line.”

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha added, “Even though Shin MinAh did a little phoshop in her photoshoot, mine is 100%.” Lee SeungGi then joked, “That degree is considered as CG,” which had the other guest appearances in laughter.

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Taeyang wins Mutizen again on Inkigayo!

On today’s episode of SBS Inkigayo, the Take 7 performances are all here except for Super Junior who has a separate goodbye stage article, as well as Kan Mi Yeon and 4minute who did not perform today.

This week’s Take 7 nominees include Super Junior (No Others), Taeyang (I Need A Girl), miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl), Son Dambi (Queen), Narsha (Bbi Ri Bop A), Kan Mi Yeon (Crazy) and 4minute (I My Me Mine).

In the end, it was Taeyang who beat out all the Take 7 nominees, winning today’s Mutizen award! Congratulations to Taeyang who rounded up the week with a win, after losing on M! Countdown and Music Bank earlier.

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Sexiest member in Brown Eyed Girls is actually GaIn! Narsha gets into embarrassment

Narsha gets embarrassed by team member GaIn.
Narsha had made special appearance on KBS late night variety show ‘Night Star’ aired on 25th July. On the show, Narsha was made to pick questions which, when given to normal citizens, they would only answer ‘Narsha’. And in the midst of selecting the questions, Narsha picked ‘The sexiest member in Brown Eyed Girls’. She had seemed comfortable and certain with her pick.
However, the answer which came out from normal citizens when asked the question was ‘GaIn’, which had been an embarrassment to Narsha.
Meanwhile, on the show, Narsha performed her ‘Bbi Rai Bba Bba’ dance and gave the TV viewers many laughs with her funny comments.

SBS Inkigayo 11.07.2010 – Super Junior wins Mutizen with ‘No Other’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, Super Junior won Mutizen award with their 4th album followup hit song ‘No Other’!

In addition, this episode will be the last episode that TaecYeon and WooYoung will MC-ing for on the show. New MCs will join Sulli on the team as MCs on the show next week.

Also, go under the cut for the rest of the performances cuts.

Comeback Specials

  • ZE:A “Level Up ”

Black Pearl “Go Go Ssing”

Son DamBi “Can’t you see+ Queen”

  • OneTwo “Very good”

Hot Solo Debut

  • Brown Eyed Girls Narsha “Bbi Ri Bba Bba”

Hot Debut

  • Teen TOP “Intro + Clap”

Take 7

  • Super Junior “No Other Person Like You”
  • Taeyang “I Need A Girl”
  • CNBLUE “Love (Rock version)”

Hot Music

  • Infinite “Come Back Again”

Baby VOX’s Kan MiYeon ft. MBLAQ’s Mir “Crazy”

4Minute “I my me Mine”

  • miss A “Bad Girl Good Girl”

Fresh Music

  • Girls Day “Tilt Your Head ”
  • Young Gun “Going to Let You Go”


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