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Jo Kwon poses with a giant transformer

2AM’s kkap legend Jo Kwon updated his Twitter on the 27th with a photo of him in the United States for the Wonder Girls’ World Tour posing next to a giant transformer.

Sporting a hot pair of sunglasses, netizens took particular note on Jo Kwon’s pose being similar to Brown Eyed Girl’s Abracadabra choreography as if he was dancing when the picture was snapped.

Netizens who viewed the picture commented, “Jo Kwon seems to be dancing,” “Very cool, pretending to dance in front of a large robot,” etc.

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Jo Kwon and Ga-in Wedding Pictures

2AM leader Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls Ga-in showed off their “We Got Married” talents in the new issue of InStyle Weddings in Korea.

Jo Kwon also posted the photo on his personal twitter account for all to revel in the “Adam Couple” cuteness overload. The “We Got Married” program is still inspiring real couples everywhere, even though its current line-up is composed of only young idol stars.

What do you think of the photo shoot? Do you just want to hop on that lime green moped?

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Jo Kwon, “SISTAR is one of the best newcomer singers”

2AM Jo Kwon sings praises of newcomer girlgroup SISTAR.

On MBC TV ‘SaeBaGwi’ aired on 10th July, 2AM Jo Kwon together with SISTAR members HyoRin and BoRa were amongst the star appearances on the show. The girls performed their debut song ‘Push Push’, and heated up the atmosphere in the studio with their cute and sexy dance.

With that Lee KyungSil commented, “They are both sexy and cute.” Park MiSeon also said, “They are beautiful.”

Jo Kwon was then asked how he feels about SISTAR, and his answer was, “Honestly, I think SISTAR is one of the best newcomer groups around.”

Jo Kwon also did his kkap version of SISTAR’s dance on the show that day.

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2AM Jo Kwon on Park YongHa’s sudden death, “He was there at the recording studio then”

2AM Jo Kwon writes about actor Park YongHa’s suicide on his Twitter. The actor was found dead at his home on 30th June.
Jo Kwon wrote on his Twitter on 30th June after the news, “It has been gloomy lately. He was there when we were recording for the song ‘Like A Fool’. May you rest in peace, Park YongHa seonbaenim.”
The song ‘Like A Fool’ is the title song off MBC drama ‘Personal Taste’ which was aired in May. And in April, 2AM did the recording of the song and back then, Park YongHa was also present at their recording studio.
Meanwhile, fans of the actor are still in shock over the actor’s sudden death. And in Japan, many fansites also wrote, “It is not true that ‘YongHa jjang’ has left the world right?” Fans are still in disbelief regarding the unfateful news.

MBLAQ Lee Joon in embarrassment ripping his pants while doing dance parody of ‘Kkap Kwon’

MBLAQ Lee Joon gets into an embarrassment with his pants ripping while he was doing a dance parody of 2AM Jo Kwon ‘kkap Kwon’.

On KBS 2TV Star GoldenBell aired on 26th June, Jo Kwon said, “I thought I was the only one who could do ‘kkap’, but it seems that Lee Joon could do it too. That is why I have been trying to restrain myself lately.”

Lee Joon then commented, “It is good to receive such compliments from the king of ‘kkap’. But still, I would never be able to do like how Jo Kwon does.” Also on the show, Lee Joon did a dance performance of SISTAR ‘Push Push’ but in the midst tore his pants. And the MCs on the show said, “In the pursuit of Kkap Kwon, he tore his pants.”

Meanwhile, 2AM and SISTAR are special guests on the show that day.

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SNSD HyoYeon’s mystery crush revealed?

The mystery to So Nyeo Shi Dae HyoYeon’s crush solved?

In a recent report by YTN news, a reporter seeks to find out who HyoYeon’s crush is. From the description of having no double eyelids, being funny and is a good dancer, the short listed male idols were Yoon DooJoon, Jo Kwon, DaeSung, JunHo and WooYoung. And he tried to called out each of their names when HyoYeon is near by to see her reactions.

Is he who we think he is?

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WGM production team dismisses rumours of Adam Couple leaving the show through subtitles on latest episode

Speculations of Jo Kwon and GaIn leaving ‘We Got Married’ is dismissed through the latest episode of the show.

On MBC We Got Married aired on 19th June, GaIn and Jo Kwon faces with the problem of the ending of the contract for their new home. The couple was given 3 boxes and was told to pack their stuff and leave the house as the contract for it has ended.

Seeing that, GaIn said, “It looks like we are going to separate now. It seems like we doing a divorce,” looking flustered. And at that moment, the subtitles “That guy’s rumour of quitting” appeared.

With news that Jo Kwon and GaIn has not carried out any filming for the show for the past 3 weeks, and with new couple Nich Khun and Victoria joining the show, there has been rumours and speculations of the Adam Couple leaving the show.

But the production team has dismissed the rumours through the subtitles shown in the latest episode. The production team explained that through the recent strike, the crew had accumulated enough filmings for the show till earlier August.

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