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FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki Is Dating?

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FT Island releases Treasure MV

After releasing a music video for title track, “Brand New Days,” it looks likeFT Island released a second music video for “Treasure” in their newest Japanese EP also called “Brand New Days.”

Watch the music video below as FT Island rocks out to “Treasure

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Singer BMK, Addicted To FT Island’s Charm


Following the release of their 3rd album, FT Island went on a live radio programme, “Seo Kyungseok’s Music Show“, together with singer BMK on 22nd July.

FT Island performed their 3rd album title song “Barae (I Hope)” and another song from their mini album “Magic“. BMK was impressed by Hongki’s good vocals even though he’s only 20. FT Island also cheered for BMK while she was performing. The atmosphere was great.

Lee Hongki also mentioned that he used to sing BMK’s “When Spring Comes” before FT Island’s debut. He also impressed everyone at the studio by singing this song live using the original key. Under the request of DJ Seo Kyungseok, without much delay, Hongki sang a short phrase of “When Spring Comes” and BMK was amazed. Hongki and BMK harmonised the last part of the song together and everyone in the studio applauded for them.

So far, FT Island have never had any duets with other singers and they wanted very much to sing with BMK whom they respect.

Meanwhile, FT Island is currently busy with their album promotions. They will be performing “Barae (I Hope)” and “Bing Bing Bing” on their comeback performance on M.net’s MCountdown today, 23rd July. There will also be a special stage by two members of FT Island, Lee Jaejin and Song Seunghyun. They will be performing Lee Seunggi’s “Will You Marry Me“.

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FT Island 3rd Album Comeback! FTI’s  CROSS & CHANGE is trying a new music style different. FTI create a new sense of fashion by presenting the old style
of jeans which uses “Bokgo”, a concept from the 80’s.

Their concept is 1980’s ‘Bokgo’ and in the 1980’s BOWL CUTS were very popular.