Netizens Compare The Popularity Of Rookie groups iKON and SEVENTEEN


Groups that debut around the same time will inevitably be compared to each other, and recently netizens did just that with rookie groups iKON and SEVENTEEN.

A netizen’s post on Pann recently asked other netizens opinions on which rookie male group has a stronger fan base at their individual schools, with fans from both sides chiming in to voice their thoughts.

The original poster emphasizes in their post, which is titled “Which of these two groups are more popular in your school?”, that they are asking merely out of personal curiosity, “Please don’t misunderstand! I’m just curious ㅠㅠ”.

Although iKON and SEVENTEEN are both just rookies, their respective agencies YG Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment have produced several popular groups already causing both to already be quite popular among fans despite their young age.

The original post has received mixed responses, but has definitely started a conversation about the strongest male group debut this year.


[+136, -6] iKON doesn’t have a lot of fans but a lot of people know their songs, however, SEVENTEEN has a stronger fanbase but not everyone is familiar with their songs.

[+98, -13] iKON is more well-known while SEVENTEEN is more liked.

[+86, -35] There are about ten girls in my class who likes SEVENTEEN..

[+59, -17] In my school, SEVENTEEN isn’t even mentioned.. I heard about them on Pann

[+42, -13] For us, it’s definitely iKON…. There’s only two people who like SEVENTEEN and the rest of us like iKON… we always gather together to watch music videos (of iKON)….

[+33, -9] iKON

[+32, -7] A lot of boys in my school like hip-hop, because of ‘Show Me The Money’ iKON is more popular ㅋ ㅋ

[+29, -5] No one knows SEVENTEEN…but boys don’t know iKON but like Bobby. When I tell them about SEVENTEEN, they go ‘There’s 17 members?!?!!?” Their reaction ㅇㅇ Hak I haven’t met anyone who knows SEVENTEEN ㅇㅇ Oh, some people are familiar with Vernon cause of ‘Show Me The Money.’

Source: Pann, koreaboo


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