Kang Dong-won and Song Hye-gyo’s Parisian date


We’ve been getting tiny glimpses here and there of this Vogue photo shoot that caused all kinds of dating rumors to surface between Kang Dong-won and Song Hye-gyo, but now that I see the full set, I kinda want it to be true. The co-stars play parents to a child with progeria in the heartwarming family melodrama Dugeun Dugeun My Life.

KangDongWon_SongHyeGyo6 KangDongWon_SongHyeGyo7 KangDongWon_SongHyeGyo8 KangDongWon_SongHyeGyo9 KangDongWon_SongHyeGyo10 KangDongWon_SongHyeGyo11 KangDongWon_SongHyeGyo12 KangDongWon_SongHyeGyo13 KangDongWon_SongHyeGyo2 KangDongWon_SongHyeGyo3 KangDongWon_SongHyeGyo4 KangDongWon_SongHyeGyo5

source: dramabeans


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