SHINee and Dara’s Etude CFs Released



After teasing fans for almost a month, the 4 episode series of CFs, featuring SHINee and 2NE1’s Dara,  have finally been revealed. The series is inspired from the Japanese anime, Death NoteEtude has given the anime a romantic twist that fans will surely love.

The first part is Jonghyun-Dara story.
Dara accidentally trips on the street with a huge box containing the Kiss Note and an array of lipstick. On her way to class, she’s wondering what the notebook was about. She then starts experimenting and writes ‘Professor Jonghyun’. The professor who was initially busy writing on the board, suddenly stops and walks towards Dara. He then kisses her on the forehead.

Next, the cutie basketball player, Key. Dara is sitting on a bench, Key butts in with his troops, girls cheering and shouting his name, as he gives flying kisses. He suddenly hears a magical voice pulling him in towards Dara and ends up giving her a sweet kiss.

The third part features Taemin. Dara sees the cute waiter who won Best Smile of the Month and she writes Taemin’s name on the Kiss Note. Right on cue, Taemin walks towards Dara, about to kiss her, when Minho calls. Taemin ends up kissing the window.

As for the finale, the video starts out with Dara on top of a slide, writing, erasing and rewriting Minho’s name. She is confused because she wants to be kissed by Minho, but that would be as a result of the magical Kiss Note. While she’s having her mini tantrum, the lipstick falls to the ground. As she’s about to get the lipstick, Minho yanks Dara back and as their eyes meet, he slowly leans in to kiss her.

Which one is your favourite?
Video: shiningsalamanders
Photo: ohdara




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