English translated lyrics for SHINEE’s HONESTY

One Two Three

Yeah, chasing my sleep away,

I open my sleepy eyes.

In a little bit, it’ll be tomorrow again.

In a blink of an eye, a day has

passed, so sad,

My heart tries to hide.

Time passes by without control.

Our sensational feelings,

So comfortable that you feel as if

it’s normal,

These thoughts make me sad.

Our shallow introductions,

Time to time hurtful actions.

I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Always carrying a sorry heart.

* Always standing right there,

protecting me.

Always receiving the hate I should

have received.

With no words, you’ve embraced


So now I’ll reflect you as a mirror.

I look back at it, my memory’s film.

The day we first met,

My heart sped;

couldn’t hide my tears.

They fell as much as I was thankful.

Understanding me more than I

do myself,

When I am about to fall,

The image of you being more tired

and hurt,

Makes my cry like a kid.

We have a string between our


It’s impossible to describe in


Our story, as memories stack

up, will keep going today.

*Always standing

right there, protecting me.

Always receiving the hate I should

have received.

The image of you hugging me with no words –

Now I’ll try to hug you instead.

When I’m tired and I want to

give up.

With a weak heart, I want to

run away.

Your small hand was the biggest

help for me.

I’ll sing for you always, forever.

Always standing there, believing

me and protecting me.

I’ll show my gratitude through

this song.

Through this long and long string of our relationship,

Don’t know where our destination

will be in the end.

We learn a lot from each other.

I’m always late at expressing my


It will never be forgotten in my


It will always be remembered in

my eyes, we’ll be laughing.

If my joy can be your happiness,

Then thank you.

Credit to SMTown


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