SM, YG, JYP: Who does Se7en like the best?

Singer Se7en of YG Entertainment said that among YG, JYP, and SM, he liked SM the most.

On February 10th, Se7en was the guest on KBS Cool FM‘s (89.1 MHz) ‘Super Junior‘s Kiss the Radio‘ and was asked whether he liked YG or JYP.

In light of Se7en’s recent comeback single, ‘When I Can’t Sing‘, which he collaborated with JYP on, Super Junior members and DJs Sungmin and Ryeowook inquired, “If your contract were to expire with YG, would you go to JYP? Out of the two agencies, which do you like more?“

The question was particularly puzzling because it is rare to see two different agencies working together on one song.

However, the two DJs burst out laughing when Se7en, without any hesitation, playfully answered, “I like SM the best.”

In the meantime, Se7en is currently promoting his latest song, ‘When I Can’t Sing’, for his comeback after a one and a half year hiatus.

Which agency is your favorite? Let us know, and check out his performance of his new song at ‘Kiss the Radio’ below!

source: kpopseven


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