JYJ’s movie “The Day” to be aired on Lotte Cinemas

It seems as if the season of love has brought good news to not only fans, but celebrities as well. Three member boy band JYJ, were able to happily announce that their movie, The Day, would be shown in Lotte Cinemas.

Not too long ago, the movie was supposed to be aired via CJ CGV in early February. However, a few days before the movie was due to be released, it was revealed that CJ CGV had decided not to show the movie after all, forcing C-JeS Entertainment to take legal action.

On February 14, C-Jes representatives released a statement:

“Since CGV decided not to release the documentary movie The Day, we will release it in Lotte Cinemas on February 23. The movie is a perfect version of the JYJ story for their fans. Since we had to change our schedules, JYJ members will not able to visit all the theaters to meet people. But they will visit several theaters in Seoul on the day of its release and during the weekends. They also prepared a surprise video for fans who live outside of Seoul.”

As was mentioned above, the movie is set to be released of February 23. Can you think of a more perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

source: kpopseven

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