Big Bang’s Comeback is Now Early February!

Big Bang fans, rejoice! Big Bang’s comeback is now earlier than previously expected!

YG Entertainment has just reported that Big Bang’s comeback is now planned to be in early February. The popular idol group plans to take the music scene by storm as they return even stronger than ever. Yang Hyun Suk, head of YG, promised, “Early this year, I will be focusing all my efforts on Big Bang.”

Big Bang’s upcoming comeback has a special significance for YG. As YG’s signature group, the Big Bang members were involved in both group and solo activities last year. Unfortunately, due to a string of unlucky events, several members ended up needing to take a break from the industry.

Regarding this matter, Yang Hyun Suk commented optimistically, “Your skin becomes tougher after healing from a wound. As we went through a variety of situations last year, the Big Bang members and I were able to reflect upon them, and we’ve become more alert. Thanks to the pain we’ve endured, the Big Bang members have become more mature.”

The comeback was originally thought to occur some time during the spring. However, the members spent the past few months living together in dorms and fully devoting themselves to working on their new album. As a result, they’ve been able to prepare to return earlier than expected. In fact, according to YG’s official blog, there have already been posts regarding “Big Bang’s comeback.” The blogs announce that there is even the possibility that a single may be released as early as February 1st.

With the exception of their debut album, the members reportedly spent the most amount of time on this upcoming album. Thus, both the quality and quantity of tracks on this album are anticipated to be better than ever. Fans are also eager to watch Big Bang perform their new songs on stage.

YG has also devoted much time to Big Bang’s comeback. Yang Hyun Suk has shown much affection towards the boys, stating, “(This year) my first goal is Big Bang. I want to give Big Bang my all. Although I have also been working on preparing rookie groups for their debut, I’ve spent the past couple months focusing on making new music with Big Bang. As a result, the debuts have been pushed back a little.” He added confidently, “All 5 members came together with one heart and were completely absorbed in making the new album. I’m proud of each one of them. This year, Big Bang will be promoting more songs than ever before and will be working very hard.”

Source: in2kpop


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