‘Cosmopolitan’ reveals a star-studded pictorial with Eugene, Yunho, & more

The February edition of ‘Cosmopolitan‘ magazine delivered a pictorial with a simple theme — the glamorous life of a star.

S.E.S.‘s Eugene and TVXQ‘s Yunho were joined by actors Lee Yeon Hee, Han Hyo Joo, Ji Jin Hee, and Kim Gyuri for the photoshoot and interviews.

Eugene’s cuts were comprised of elegant headshots that showed off her everlasting beauty. In one of her shots, she’s seen dabbing on some lipstick.

Eugene explained that “During my S.E.S days, we only had one makeup artist. I had to do my own makeup a lot of the time, so my personal skills started building up.”

Eugene was able to write two beauty books with the skills she’s cultivated.

Yunho and Lee Yeon Hee took a sexy couple shoot together. Both were dressed in sophisticated outfits, creating the image of the perfect Hollywood couple.

Meanwhile, Han Hyo Joo (who took the cover of this edition) was styled as a glamorous actress, enjoying her free time in between shows.

As for Kim Gyuri, she displayed a sexy, confident image. During her interview she stated, “I was able to love myself from the love of others. I’m really glad I became an actress.”

Actor Ji Jin Hee, who took on a “dandy guy” concept for the shoot, revealed that he wants to live the life of a gentleman. “I want to aim for that nice and well-mannered image, but living like that is not that easy, which is why I want to challenge myself. ”

Check out the cuts below!

Source: allkpop


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