Girls’ Generation Beats Kara on Japanese Annual Album Sales Chart

Girls’ Generation has topped Tower Records Japan’s year-end 2011 K-Pop Chart in album sales.

The 2011 chart rankings were revealed on Tower Records Japan’s official website on December 5, and it ranks records from 37 genres of music, from Western and Japanese music to classic and jazz, that were released in the year before November 30. .

According to the results, Girls’ Generation’s Girls’ Generation stole the top spot, while Super Junior’s Mr. Simple ranked second and Kara’s Girl Talk came in third. Girls’ Generation made another notable appearance on the chart with track The Boys, which came in at number four on the chart.

Girls’ Generation also ranked high on Yahoo Japan’s 2011 keyword search ranking chart. In the ‘Celebrity Composite Ranking’ category, the girls ranked third, following closely behind girl group AKB and Japanese idol group Arashi. In the ‘Foreigner Ranking’ category, Girls’ Generation stole the number one spot, beating out famous pop stars and hallyu stars alike.

The girls will take the stage alongside Kara and TVXQ at the 62nd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen,Japan’s biggest end-of-the-year music festival, on December 31.

source: enewsworld


4 responses to “Girls’ Generation Beats Kara on Japanese Annual Album Sales Chart

  1. SNSD rulez!!! what else is there to expect? nough said.

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  3. i really really like your group and i love your songs

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