Wonder Girls make a stunning transformation for VOGUE Korea

Now that the Wonder Girls are back in town, Korea has been enjoying a look at the five ladies’ maturation from k-pop idols into multi-faceted international stars. Though the December issue of VOGUE Korea was only just released, JYPE has revealed stunning photos on the group’s official Twitter from their new pictorial in the magazine.

A large step away from their “Be My Baby“ concept, this pictorial gives the public an entirely new side of the girls, who each undergo a dramatic transformation. Sunye‘s coffee-colored hair is teased into a dramatic poof as she poses with a flamingo, and Ye Eun looks like a regal snow queen as she perches on a white wooden horse with eye-catching black make-up. Yubin and Lim pose together, the maknae with a large frizz of fire-red hair, and the rapper is suited up in black with a large red, feathered top hat on her head. Finally, resident fashionista Sohee looks chic as always with a blonde afro-style hairdo and black wardrobe pieces.

Despite the shocking change, all five ladies are able to pull off this whimsical high fashion look, which looks like something right off the pages of a storybook. With Sohee’s Louis Vuitton inspired bunny ears and clock and Yubin’s Mad Hatter-like top hat, the photo shoot transports the viewer into a dark, Lewis Carroll-inspired wonderland.

Check out the ladies’ eye-popping foray into high fashion below:

source: allkpop


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