[TRANS] 111122 – Happy Birthday to Dongwoo

Hello, I’m Infinite’s Dongwoo.

Everyone knows why I appeared, right?

To those who don’t know, it’s November 22nd~ One, one! Two, two! Yeah~

It’s the day that Dongwoo was born `.~

For 20 years, I spent my birthday happily in Korea with just my family and for my 21st birthday, I met Inspirits and spent it cheerfully with my family and Inspirits. This time around, I’m sadly… in Japan~ Although it’s a bit far! But it’s still on the same Earth. What does it matter if it’s far~ It’s just by a bit. I’ll still be spending it on the same planet.

I’ll work hard and quickly go back to Korea! So for the 23rd one~ And 24th one~ And 50th one~ And 60th one~ And 70th one~ And 80th one~ Every single one!!!! I hope we can enjoy them together forever. Although I’m not sure whether or not Inspirits will enjoy my birthday… Let’s just enjoy it together~ Something good is always good anyways ㅎㅎㅎ

Anyways! In Japan, I’ll be enjoying my birthday with our company’s workers and my Infinite members and then return back~ So don’t worry, everyone~ Happy birthday to ME! See you in Korea! See ya ~.~

(And then you see Dongwoo dancing to Happy Brithday to me. Yeah, brithday.)

Wait, do they not see me?

We ran up to here cheerfully. The best ‘-‘b Just wait a bit more ♥ Wait for me ~.~!

I’ll combine next promotions in and show it all~

Bye bye


trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits


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