4Minute Says “Ready Go”

Great news, 4nia’s! 4Minute is back with their sixth Japanese single, “Ready Go.” The song’s music video aired exclusively through MTV Japan on November 11, and the girls look absolutely incredible in it!

Perhaps what catches our attention first and foremost in this video is the group’s styling. Those shorts are, well, really short. 4Minute definitely turns up the heat for “Ready Go,” looking sexy and chic in all-black. The “abandoned warehouse” concept, although far from novel, works rather well when paired with the girls’ charismatic energy and strong styling.

“Ready Go” is currently the opening theme song to Japanese television drama, Welcome to the El-Palacio, a story which surrounds a female wrestling team. With its powerful beat and don’t-mess-with-us concept, 4minute’s latest Japanese single is an ideal match for the series’ opening credits.

The album, which drops December 7 in Japan, will have three versions available for purchase — two versions that include a DVD with the CD, plus a third version for fans who only wish to buy the CD. Also included on the album is a Japanese version of 4Minute’s Korean song, “Sweet Suga Honey!”

And without further ado, check out the video for “Ready Go” below

source: mtvk


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