Kim Hyun Joong Is Friends With JYJ, ‘Different Agencies But The Same Heart?’

Singer Kim Hyun Joong showed off his friendship with JYJ, who recently presented an interesting average appearance.

On the 10th of October, Kim Hyun Joong held a round of interviews a day before the release of his second mini album ‘Lucky’ in order to talk about his future activities.

Regarding the article that stated that Kim Hyun Joong proposed to JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong over some alcohol to perform a duet together, the singer stated, “It is true that I said that to him,” and “I don’t think we live in a generation where we can’t release an album together just because we’re in different agencies. I want to do things that I won’t regret.”

When asked, “What aspect about Kim Jaejoong appealed to you?”, Kim Hyun Joong said, “It’s not that he appealed to me in any way. I just think it would be fun to work together.” Though he seems indifferent, he sent his friend a text of praise that read, ‘You’re a great actor’ during the airing of Kim Jaejoong’s drama ‘Protect the Boss’.

Kim Hyun Joong also said, “I really like playing soccer with Junsu or travelling around the Gyeonggi-do region,” and recommended Misari as a travel location. He explained that though it doesn’t have much grandeur, it’s the best place to go and share a drink with friends.

Choosing Gummy and Kim Jaejoong as ‘friends who drink well’, Kim Hyun Joong made everyone laugh when he said, “Honestly, I’d like my girlfriend to be able to drink a lot of alcohol. It wouldn’t be fun if she got drunk after a single glass,” and “But if she’s pretty and nice, it doesn’t matter.”

Kim Hyun Joong will have his comeback stage on the 20th of October through Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’.

Translated & Shared by: + dkpopnews

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