All five DBSK members recorded ‘MAXIMUM’ together?

On October 15th, numerous uploads of a practice version of TVXQ‘s “MAXIMUM“ were posted and circulated throughout Youtube. Upon watching and listening to the video, Cassies all over the world couldn’t believe their ears when they heard the voices of JYJ on the track. Using an audio track featuring all five voices, TVXQ members Yunho and Changmin practiced the choreography with several background dancers.

Many Youtube and Twitter users have been speculating that the original version of ‘MAXIMUM’ was meant to be a 5-member track for the entire group. It seems like the dance video was shot a while back, prior to the song’s release.

Cassies expressed their joy leaving numerous comments such as, “OMG, I’m crying!“, “I can hear Junsu and Jae Joong’s voices so clearly!“, “This is so amazing!“, and “This is an epic day for Cassiopeia!“.

However, not all fans are pleased with the revelation. Disgruntled fans commented, “Now 2 is enough and the BEST“, “TVXQ worked so hard to make this song theirs, yet people still say the full group version is better”, “It’s so hard for DBSK (><) so sad now“.

Check out the video yourselves and comment whether you think it’s an official track sung by all five

source: allkpop

2 responses to “All five DBSK members recorded ‘MAXIMUM’ together?

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  2. OMG!!! I cant believe it:)!

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