GD&TOP pose on the set of ‘Oh Yeah’

GD&TOP, the dynamic duo of Big Bang, were recently captured posing for pictures on the MV set of Oh Yeah. The Japanese version of their song is slated to be released later this year.

They are seen posing along with three beautiful ladies, in a jovial and carefree mood. G-Dragon sports (what looks like) a Dragon Ball tattoo near his left shoulder, which bears reference to his name and the lyrics from the GD&TOP Intro: “I got the Dragon Ball.” Check out these candid shots below.

Netizens who have been eagerly awaiting GD&TOP’s return have responded with comments such as, “Can’t wait for the MV!!!! Finally, an MV we’ve all been waiting for forever since the GD&TOP album was released almost a year ago!” and “GD in white shirt = SMEXY!! Seems like he’s enjoying the attention from the girls, but TOP looked shy! LOL!”
What do you think is the concept for their new MV?

source: hellokpop


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