Ryeowook reveals why ZE:A’s Hyungshik cried in Super Junior’s dorm

Feeling trapped and blocked off by a wall he felt he couldn’t overcome, ZE:A‘s maknae Hyungshik found himself crying in the middle of Super Junior‘s dorm after he was given the warm hand of a senior who offered his help. That senior was none other Super Junior’s Ryeowook.

The two became close friends through their musical, “Temptation of the Wolves“, and it was only a matter of time before they developed a strong friendship. Eventually, their respective groups got closer as well, and one night, both groups gathered together for a late night dinner party.

Hyungshik recalled, “The name Super Junior just felt so big to me that even though I felt glad that I could get to know him, I was also cautious. Still, he approached me first and opened his heart, allowing for honest conversation to flow. I earned a lot of strength from that.”

Super Junior could relate to ZE:A in that they had both had a rough trainee life at a young age, and that they’re both comprised of over nine members.

Ryeowook said, “We were alike in that we shared a lot of the same hardships. As a senior who experienced those things a few years before him, I tried to listen to his worries and help him find a solution. Hyungshik choked up then and cried.”

He continued, “Through our meeting, ZE:A helped us realize that we should never forget our roots, and I think the members of ZE:A also earned a lot of strength from us. It was a meeting where honesty was exchanged, and the feeling remained with me long after the meeting was over. I’m really thankful for the musical for creating such a fate.”

Hyungshik confessed, “I don’t have a cellphone yet, so I don’t have a close friend or senior celebrity around me. It’s just really out of this world for me to have such an amazing hyung that I met through this musical.”

Ryeowook added, “Hyungshik is sometimes like my real brother, and oftentimes more mature than me. I feel proud that I have an amazing dongseng like him and I hope that there will be an opportunity where I can sing with him aside from the musical.”

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul via Naver + allkpop


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