Lee Hyori, Seo In Young and Ivy to embark on “Three Queen Project”?

K-Pop divas Lee Hyori, Seo In Young, and Ivy could be coming together for an epic collaboration called the ”Three Queen Project“!

The “Three Queen Project” would see the divas release their albums at the same time. It was originally planned two years ago, but because of Ivy’s issues with her company, it had to be postponed. However, on September 21st, she won her lawsuit against STOM E&F, thus removing the obstacle preventing the “Three Queen Project” to launch.

One related source said, “Ivy could not promote because of her problems with the company. However, now that it’s been resolved, the project has been brought up again and has a high potential to develop. I heard Ivy is slowly preparing her comeback. We will be able to see the light this time.”

Two years ago, CJ E&M pitched this idea where the singers’ three albums would be released one-by-one, but during the same time period. A representative from CJ E&M said, “The album concept then was to have them sing separately, not together. That way, they don’t feel too pressured. They will probably have the same concept this time around as well. It is all currently under discussion.”

They continued, “Seo In Young’s next album will be released via CJ E&M. There won’t be too much trouble doing this project. If the songs are good and the project is set up nicely, Lee Hyori and Ivy will most likely agree to take up the project.”

Source + Image: Naver | allkpop


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