Eunhyuk, The last show before Kim Heechul enlists, ends up showing tears.

Eunhyuk showed his affection towards Super Junior members.
On SBS ‘Strong Heart’ which aired on 30th, Eunhyuk and Super Junior members came as guests, and showed their pride of the group and ended up showing tears.

Eunhyuk said, “Our time to enlist is coming. We talk a lot as a group but how our group began is different. 1,2 members debuted first and then it ended up with 13. Even when we won first place on music shows, because we were the beginning we had pride.

Continuing, he said, “More importantly, even when the members become old and becomes dads, we say that we should always stay as brothers and stay togehter. There were times when we would laugh and talk, but when I go home I would cry. It is really meaningful for us to be on one show together.”

Near the end of the show, Eunhyuk ended up showing tears. He was crying because he was sad that it was the last show together before Kim Heechul went to the army.

Source: newsen
Translated by Jee ( )


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