Super Junior gives ice cream to fans waiting in line

Super Junior, who exploded with their chart-sweeper album and hit single “Mr. Simple”, showed a lot of love back to their fans. On the afternoon of August 7th, Super Junior came in and gave ice cream to fans that had been patiently waiting outside. A fan wrote on her minihomepage, “The fans who came to Inkigayo sweated a lot because it was extremely hot that day. Because it was hot waiting for the oppas, they gave us ice cream.”

Super Junior fans expressed that they “started to love their oppas more because they treated them nicely like this! Of course they’re Super Junior, they’re definitely something to be proud of!”

Following the ice cream party, fans cheered on Super Junior’s live performance. Super Junior’s comeback stages have generated a lot of buzz across many countries. The press conference included media outlets from Japan, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore and many more countries. Since 2008, they have been going around Asia with their Super Show tour and have appeared in various places all over the world.

Seoul, Bangkok, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, and other places were included in their Super Show 1 tour; a year later, they had their Super Show 2 tour in Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Nanjing, Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Tokyo, and 10 other cities, totaling 17 shows. Super Show 3 boasts 20 shows in 13 different cities. Their last performance set a new record of 200,000 fans in attendance.

source: koreaboo


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