Return of the Female Idols: KARA, SISTAR, G-NA & More To Comeback

Summer 2011 has been filled with a hefty set of comebacks by girl groups — from T-ara‘s “Roly Poly“ and 2NE1‘s “Hate You” & “Ugly“ to miss A‘s “Good-bye Baby“ and HyunA‘s “Bubble Pop.”
Well, the summer’s not over yet, and the roster of female idols planning their return to the stage continues to grow:

KARA takes the first spot on this list due to the insanely high anticipation for the girls’ long-awaited return to Korea.
After rounding out their summer promotions in Japan with “Go Go Summer,” KARA will return with a new full studio album this September!
It will be their first Korean album in ten months since releasing Jumping last November.
DSP Media told reporters, “We’re currently finishing up the album. Our goal is to complete the recording and choreography by mid-September.” Many renowned producers and musicians were said to have worked on KARA’s upcoming album, including Sweetune, the production team behind “Mister,” “Pretty Girl,” and “Honey.”
Unfortunately, DSP also revealed that KARA will only be able to promote this new album for three weeks upon their return, as they already have a Japanese album release scheduled for October.

Girl group SISTAR will be the first of these idols to make their comeback this month, with their first full studio album set for an August 9 release!
The concept this time around is glamour — concept photos have revealed mini dresses and killer heels to fit the girls’ new image as party girls.
Starship Entertainment revealed that the preparation for SISTAR’s comeback began over nine months ago, in an effort to perfect every last detail — from the concept and wardrobe to the music and choreography — and asked fans to look forward to SISTAR’s upgraded charismatic image.
The MV teaser for their title track, “So Cool,” garnered much media attention for featuring the three members of DJ DOC! Check it out below:

Sexy solo singer G.NA is set to make a comeback on August 16!
After a series of hints via Twitter by both G.NA and CUBE Entertainment, fans were anxiously awaiting details of the diva’s return to the stage.
And on August 4, CUBE finally let up and updated their official Facebook page with a teaser photo of G.NA’s next album.
The caption reads, “20110816 G.NA COMING SOON!”
G.NA also posted on Twitter that the music video for her upcoming title track has already been filmed.

After making an impression with the cute “Supa Dupa Diva” and “Pink Rocket,” rookie girl group Dal Shabet will be returning as punk rockers for their third mini album, Bling Bling.
Inspired by the 70s and 80s, a trend that many girl groups seem to be aligning themselves with this summer, the song “Bling Bling” will be a dance rock track, complete with the girls’ colorful and glittery outfits and make-up.
The girls’ agency, Happy Face Entertainment, has announced that the mini album and “Bling Bling” MV will be revealed on August 11.

Additionally, according to Joy News, rookie groups A Pink and Nine Muses are both currently working on their next album and hope to make a comeback before the end of August. Concept details have yet to be announced.
Which girl group comebacks are you most looking forward to?

source: mtvk

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