Wonder Girls cover B.o.B & Bruno Mars for Billboard’s Mashup Mondays

Thousands and thousands and thousands of you came to Billboard.com in recent weeks to vote on which song Korean pop sensations Wonder Girls should play for their Mashup Monday cover. It was close, but B.o.B and Bruno Mars’ hip-hop/R&B-tinged “Nothin’ On You” won with 47% of the vote, narrowly beating out poppy Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The U.S.A.” which got 43%. Far less of you, 10%, went for The Band Perry’s “Hip To My Heart.” So you asked for it, you got it! Check out Wonder Girls’ sweet version of “Nothin’ On You” in the player above.

Wonder Girls at Billboard
Those of you in the know — and that’s hundreds of thousands of you — know that while they may be young, Wonder Girls are a certified musical force in their native South Korea and around the world. That’s part of the reason we chose them for Billboard’s 21 Under 21 list last fall.

“We just want to express our love to our fans,” says WG Sunye of the fact that so many voted for “Nothin’ On You.” “It’s a perfect song.”

“The first thing was arranging the instruments,” adds WG Yeeun. “I started practicing piano and then we added two more guitarists. And later a percussionist joined. And also we were travelling a lot, so we couldn’t stay at one place. We had to practice on the street on the way.”

After opening America’s eyes to their infectious dance-pop opening for the Jonas Brothers in 2009 and on a 2010 American tour of their own, Wonder Girls — who are also reality TV stars in South Korea — are set to release an official American debut album sometime this year. It’s still shrouded in secrecy, but if the group’s previous success is any indication, it will certainly find its fans! The Girls’ first U.S. single, 2009’s “Nobody,” hit the Billboard 200 effortlessly.

source: billboard


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