Where do your favorite artists live?

Curious about where your favorite artists’ living spaces are located? If you’re familiar with their management company’s location, surely you will be close to the dorms. The closeness allows the company to keep a watchful eye upon their artists and trainees. Apparently, most dorms are located close to Gangnam.

SM Entertainment has settled SNSD and f(x) in Cheongdam-dong, which is fairly close to the company’s location and SHINee currently lives in an apartment in Apgujeong-dong.

JYP Entertainment has also placed his artists 2PM and miss A near the Cheongdam-dong area close to the company office. 2PM recently moved into a bigger living space in which each member had their individual rooms.

The YG Entertainment office is located in the Hapjeong-dong area, therefore Big Bang and 2NE1 also live quite close. In addition, their dorms are only a short 10 minute walk from CEO Yang Hyun Suk’s house.

T-ara resides in the Nonhyeon-dong area, After School in the Yeoksam-dong area and 4minute and Beast‘s dorms are also located in the Cheongdam-dong area.

A manager revealed:

“A large number of fans always gather near idol groups’ dorms. Not only do they draw on the walls nearby, but they also scream and cheer very loudly. Because of this, if neighbors start complaining that this is causing an inconvenience for them, the idol groups have no choice but to move. As such, lease agreements for the dorms are usually based on renting monthly. To be able to have the members live together, a place of about 1,100 square feet to 1,400 square feet is needed. These places in Cheongdam-dong often require a damage deposit of 40 to 50 million won (from $38,000 to $48,000 USD), with a monthly rent of approximately $2 million won (about $2,000 USD).”

Even though your favorite idols may live nearby, please remember to give them privacy and refrain from drawing on the property. As been stated, damage deposits are heavily charged, and even though a lot of artists earn big bucks, the company has to pay for damages that were not caused by the artists.

source: hellokpop


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