Bang Shi Hyuk produces for TEEN TOP, his first dance group in 7 years

TEEN TOP has officially joined the ranks of hit producer Bang Shi Hyuk’s idols, as it’s been revealed that Bang Shi Hyuk produced their first mini-album, “Roman“!

Bang Shi Hyuk is the in-house producer for Big Hit Entertainment, and he recently joined forces with T.O.P. Media for the production of TEEN TOP’s comeback. Although he produces for idol group 2AM and such, this is his first time working with a dance group in nearly seven years.

The producer said, “This is my first time in seven years after producing for g.o.d. that I’m working with a dance group, so there is a bit of pressure, but it was also fun. They’re young but they’re talented in both skills and looks, and I consider them as the next generation of top idols.”

Bang Shi Hyuk is known for his harsh criticisms against idol groups, making his praise towards TEEN TOP all that more special.

source: allkpop


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