Yoon Eunhye’s shocking outfits aren’t scandalous in Hawaii

Pictures from actress Yoon Eunhye’s scandalous/revealing Hawaii photoshoot were recently released, making men swoon.

Yoon Eunhye, who took on the role of civil servant Gong Ahjung in 2011 SBS drama “Lie to Me”, made her debut with the girl group Baby VOX. She has starred in multiple successful K-dramas, including “Coffee Prince” and “Goong”.

Yoon Eunhye recently had a photoshoot in Hawaii for the August 2011 issue of fashion magazine Harper’s BAZAAR. The photos released showcase her own unique take on sexiness.

The photoshoot relied on Hawaii’s vast nature and modern buildings as background, while allowing Yoon Eunhye to reveal her sexy side. One of her outfits is a black dress that has been cut so as to appear like a two-piece. Another is a light dress with a slit down the side, making Yoon Eunhye’s slim legs even more noticeable. Yet another of the photos shows Yoon Eunhye’s bare back, as she clutches her right shoulder. In all of the photographs, her loose, wavy hair flows down naturally.

“Because she was so passionate about her work, we were able to complete the photoshoot with a happy work atmosphere,” said the photoshoot associate. “Yoon Eunhye’s peacock-like beauty also worked overseas. Her natural beauty fit the photoshoot concept well.”

Check out the pictures from her photoshoot below!

source: koreaboo


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