TEEN TOP’s Secret Big Sister is….Lee Hyori?!

Earlier this morning, TEEN TOP tweeted, “We introduce you to our secret big sister ^ ^ Selca with Hyori sunbaenim!!! We’ll work hard. Please watch over us,” along with four photos with the pop icon.

Despite the wide age gap between the boys of TEEN TOP and Lee Hyori (youngest TEEN TOP member Changjo is 15 years old, while Hyori is 32), they looked as if they were close siblings. It was revealed last month that Lee Hyori personally chose to work with TEEN TOP in a fashion photoshoot for “Arena Homme” magazine. Their friendship seems to have developed since the brief interaction.

Those who’ve seen the photos commented, “They’re so pretty and cute!” “Cuties!” and “I envy them/her!!!” Meanwhile, TEEN TOP is busy preparing for their comeback. They plan on releasing their title track “Don’t Spray Perfume” tomorrow, July 26th.

source: soompi


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