CSJH’s Sunday apologizes for her Twitter outburst

Earlier today, CSJH’s Sunday lashed out on her Twitter with a series of furious rants that included profane language.

Representatives of SM Entertainment cleared up the issue through Star News by explaining, “Sunday wrote those tweets because she has a personal problem that she feels upset about. Please do not exaggerate with your interpretations.”

Sunday herself followed up with an apology on her Twitter. “I briefly forgot my duty as a public figure and let human nature emerge. I am reflecting on my actions; I am sorry.”

She continued, “Everyone, Twitter has this certain magical spell that makes it feel like a diary, something that makes you lose yourself and just express everything on your shoulders when you don’t have a friend to turn to. I’m sorry, everyone.

source: allkpop


One response to “CSJH’s Sunday apologizes for her Twitter outburst

  1. Recognizing ones own mistake is a clear manifestation of humility. I personally admire her for expressing her apology. We rarely see people who can do that.

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