The BOSS – X-5 are “Leading the Hallyu” from Japan to Singapore

The BOSS and X-5 are set to perform on the upcoming “Korean Music Wave” at Singapore’s Indoor Stadium on July 15th and are expected to make a spectacular performance.

These 2 groups are solidifying their position as new Hallyu stars by performing in countries such as Japan, China, Hong-Kong, and Indonesia.

The BOSS, who released their second single ‘Love Bingo’ on the 15th of last month in Japan, reached up to 7th on the Oricon Daily Single Chart making their group’s name well-known and also opened a ‘Love Meeting’ for their single promotion in Kanagawa which was a huge event turn-out with over 10,000 fans in attendance.

X-5, with their debut just passing a month, set out to perform in Japan and Indonesia. Another topic that is gaining a lot of interest is that in Indonesia there was a report that a fan had fainted by just watching their car.

Open World Entertainment said “The BOSS and X-5 are practicing and working hard in order to repay those fans who love and support them overseas by putting on amazing performances. They will always show off their abilities which are improving day-by-day.”

However, The BOSS and X-5 aren’t the only groups to perform, other groups that are performing include GD&TOP, Taeyang, Seungri, 2NE1, FT ISLAND, U-KISS, MISS A, TEEN TOP, Dalshabet, and TOUCH.

SourceNanum News
Translator: fighting0501 @ X-FIVE STAR

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