2NE1 releases “I Am The Best” choreography practice video

2NE1 made their big comeback last weekend on SBS Inkigayo with their title song “I Am The Best.” Since the release of the single on June 24th, 2NE1 achieved an all-kill on online charts and became a sensation with the release of the music video.

YG Entertainment and 2NE1 released an uncut video of 2NE1 practicing the choreography in the practice room, allowing fans to fully see the choreography. Despite it being practice, 2NE1 continues to bring the fierceness they are known for as they dance to “I Am The Best.” It has also been revealed that the cameraman for this dance practice was CEO Yang Hyun Suk himself.

Fans left comments on the video such as, “Thank you for posting this papa YG!!” “I think YG titled this video wrong! This should be “2NE1 ‘I’m The Best” (Adidas version)”. It is obviously for Adidas. Even the dancers were wearing identical Adidas shirts!” “I don’t know if it’s because the jacket is thick and makes it look like that, but Dara’s legs seriously look creepy skinny…” and “The best indeed.”

source: koreaboo


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