2NE1 launches “I Am The Best” dance cover contest

In May, YG Entertainment and 2NE1 launched the group’s first contest for the song “Lonely.” Contestants had to create their own cover video for “Lonely” and amaze the judges and 2NE1 with their creativity.

The contest lasted from May 21st until June 21st. Winner(s) won tickets to 2NE1’s concert, including airline tickets and accommodations, as well as a tour of YG’s building. Second place winner(s) won a 2NE1 signed CD, goods, and signed polaroid, while third place winners (s) would receive a 2NE1 signed CD.

2NE1 launches their 2nd contest, which consists of covering the dance of “I Am The Best.” The contest will begin on July 8th until August 5th. CL as the English spokesperson of the group, formerly announced the contest to viewers.

Prizes for the top placers and specific rules have yet to be announced. Will you be joining the contest?

source: koreaboo


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