[Trans] June 2011 Ceci Magazine – “Just 2AM”

2AM – Just 2AM

We met with 2AM who had a moment for a break from their recent overseas activity and had a commercial shoot for cosmetic brand i.myss. The handsome man who was normally does cosmetic commercials, Jokwon, the complex, black skinned, Seulong, Maknae Jinwoon, who has in charge for moisture cream, and Changmin who has a polite utterance. A grooming story about 4 men who “looks like sesame”

CECI: You’ve became the commercial model for the brand cosmetic name, i.myss. Congratulations. What do you think is the reason 2AM was selected? It’s OK to praise yourself.
Jinwoon: Maybe because of our natural skin? haha

CECI: What is your charming point?
Jinwoon: When winter comes, I pay attention to my nose since my nose is not that good. And to Nuna who give us make up that admires our skin. hehe

CECI: What should we do to have good skin?
Jinwoon: ehm… there’s nothing special, but before you sleep, put on a moisture cream and drink lots of water.

CECI: If you had a second chance, who do you want to be in another life?
Jinwoon: A Superhero like in the movie and . Or I want to be born as Robert Downey Jr. He’s very charming. I want to be like him.

CECI: Jokwon, the perfect Idol, how do you deal with HD TV?
Jokwon: Because I am always seen, I always pay attention to my skin. I drink a lot of water and I prefer to have a good sleep. I always have a skin care at least once a week. I always ask the Hair and Makeup teachers how to take care of the skin and I never forget it. Before sleep, I always use moisturizer and then sleep. I’m still young, so I prefer to take care more to the moisture than the elasticity. Eye cream is a must to put on.

CECI: What is your charming point?
Jokwon: I’ve got my mom’s white skin and red lips. Because my lips is so red, many people said that I always put a “tint” on my lips. When I put on make up, they always put one tone to my lips on purpose.

CECI: Out of famous icons with good grooming, who do you want to be?
Jokwon: Wonbin Hyung! He keeps the image as the beautiful boy and when he turned 30, he grew up to be a handsome man. I heard many people call me little boy and that I look just like student, but with my age growing every year, I want naturally look handsome and give a deep image. Just, Jokwon’s personality character!

CECI: What is the hint of this brand concept, and about the slogan skin’s song, who is the most suitable at 2AM.
Seulong: The fact that we becoming a model of cosmetic commercial is very marvelous. Besides, this is a brand that will enter the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and all of Asia.This brand will be full with our names and faces and as a model to be a sense of duty is strongly agree to it. and “Always, thank you to our sponsor”

CECI: What are some good things that Idols should have when they’re on HD TV?
Seulong: The Standard thing is to do it good. In the end, good on the skin and eyes and always put lotion!

CECI: After shower and look at the mirror, do you have something to say thank you to your parent?
Seulong: When I was a little, my black skin was complex but this time I love this black skin makes me look healthy and really like a man. Right now, my focus is on my eyes. every year, I ask why it looks like this? I think I should to put an eye cream.

CECI: I see your photo on internet that says “the charming fact”. I don’t know if you’re shy about it, but can we hear the story about that?
Seulong: Ack! At Ilsan, there a word “Sadaecheon wang”. That word is a joke with my friend and it began to be my nickname. (but definitely I didn’t use it). when I was a student, I used to sing and have a performance, and many people talked about it. haha


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