Kim Yuna’s “Kiss And Cry” breaks a million hits after its first episode

TVXQ’s Yunho continues to receive praises from his performance in Kim Yuna’s “Kiss And Cry”. Already capturing the attention of the audience for the first episode of Kim Yuna’s ice skating broadcast, it has been revealed that the first episode has broken a record of obtaining a million hits in just a week.

The episode continued to receive praises from its audience after it was rebroadcasted this week which featured Jung Yunho’s “Homage to Michael Jackson”. Audiences as well as contenders for the show also commented on Jung Yunho’s ability in the skating rink after only practicing for the match within two months.

According to Yunho, he paid attention to his rehearsals after the show and it made him feel like a rookie again as he remembered his days as a trainee. Showing his sense of speed, ability and choreograpy, Yunho was able to receive a standing ovation from the audiences and has obtained the highest score from the judges.

Are you looking forward for the rest of Yunho’s performances?

source: koreaboo


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