Yang Hyunsuk, “This year 2NE1 is returning without a rest.”

“It’s already the 3rd year since 2NE1 has debuted, but in my eyes they’re still rookies. And so in that respect, they are still lacking, whether it’s the duration of their promotions or their exposure on broadcasts. Therefore there is too much that 2NE1 has yet to show. This is the year that they will see victory.”

YG’s representative, Yang Hyunsuk forewarned 2NE1’s aggressive promotions. Coming back in only 8 months with their new song, ‘Lonely’, 2NE1 swept away the music world for May, scoring a perfect all kill on major Korean music charts.

President Yang spoke a bit about the well-developed girl group, 2NE1, “Right now, they are not popular artists”. “Now is just the beginning. This year, whether it’s publicly or musically, this is the year that they will meet their peak. When they debuted, even though they were just rookies, they only went out on broadcasts once a week. People accused me saying, ‘Yang Hyunsuk has gone insane’, ‘Acting like that, is he purposely digging his own grave?’, ‘He’s arrogant’. It is simply my thoughts that since 2NE1 is a very charismatic group, they should be promoted in a method suited entirely just for them.”

Usually, companies and group managers try to get their idols to appear on however many shows in order to show case their talent. However YG is the opposite. Yang Hyunsuk speaks a bit of the reasoning, “For Big Bang and 2NE1 too, rather than the number of appearances they make on however many broadcasts, we focus on making quality performances and work hard so that they can have a good time (both the artists and the fans together).”

He also explained flatly the suspicion that YG was only close with SBS. “It’s a shame that several have misunderstood in the present situation. It’s already been 30 years since my time with Seo Taeji and Kids dealing with broadcasts. If you want to get close with a broadcasting company, you can, however I can’t do that. Because I am protecting one principle firmly. I am only concerned with which PD from whichever company that can make YG artists shine.”

He complimented that Park Seokhoon of SBS ‘Inkigayo’ was the best PD at directing shows. Previously, he had been entrusted and in charge of 2NE1’s debut, as well as Big Bang’s comeback. “He pinpoints all the correct points in the choreography. It’s because he has an amazing ability to interpret the song. When singers perform, his timing of when to do close ups and when to film them as a whole is breathtaking. This is all musical sense.”

He also spoke of 2NE1’s ambitious aspirations for this year. “I’m planning to make this year into 2NE1’s year. Starting from April 21st, they will return without a break. Teddy has already made 6 songs and they are really great. Based on my feelings as a producer, I think they will all become hit songs. 2NE1’s songs are really great, so will you give them a listen? I want to do this kind of promotion.”

While 2NE1’s new song had paraded past the high rankings of the songs of MBC ‘I am a singer’ and claimed first place, they are currently preparing in secret to release their follow up song.

Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com


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