Super Junior Heechul and After School Bekah Talks in English

On one of the episode of Heechul’s Youngstreet, he was visited by Korean girl group After School.

Bekah being raised in Hawaii and was known that she was fluent in English was challenge by Heechul in an English conversation which left the rest of the After School girls burst in to tears while laughing including Bekah.

And their conversation goes this way:
Heechul : How are you?
Bekah : I’m okay, how are you?
Heechul : Oh dats okay baby, you don’t know me.
Bekah : (confused) You don’t know me..
Heechul : (gibberish)
Bekah : What are you talking about?
Heechul : Yeaaaah talking about
Bekah : What do you mean?
Heechul : Sshaat ssshaaaat
Bekah : Sumimasen [means “excuse me” in Japanese]
Heechul : Yah! yo! let’s go Bangkok City

source: gokpop


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