Ryeowook leaves a tweet for Taiwanese fans as Super Junior M leaves Taiwan

With the exception of Siwon and Donghae, who have to finish up their filming for Taiwanese drama “Extravagant Challenge”, the rest of Super Junior M left Taiwan on May 28th, heading down to Malaysia for a concert performance, marking the end of their two month long stay in the country. Fans gathered at the airport to give them a tearful send-off; Ryeowook reportedly held onto a giraffe plush toy from the zoo as he waved to the fans.

Ryeowook later wrote on his Twitter: “It’s raining now; it’s raining in my heart as well. Taiwanese friends please take care, don’t catch a cold. I’ll miss everyone. Byebye.” To this, fans replied: “Since you like eating so much, you will miss the Taiwanese street snacks more.”

Super Junior M’s command of Mandarin has improved at an impressive rate. They showed off their good pronunciation in Malaysia, with Ryeowook and Kyuhyun singing Teresa Teng’s “I Only Care About You” and A-Mei’s “If You’ve Heard It Too” respectively. When asked how they would rate themselves Eunhyuk, who usually claims that “Mandarin is as simple as eating”, gave himself eight points and said laughingly: “What we heard the most in Taiwan was the fans’ screams!”

Super Junior M will be back on June 6 for a fan party. Meanwhile, SHINee will be holding a concert on July 17 in Taipei; a few days after which B2ST will be holding a fan meeting for two thousand five hundred lucky fans.

source: koreaboo


2 responses to “Ryeowook leaves a tweet for Taiwanese fans as Super Junior M leaves Taiwan

  1. I like SNSD….. WOW WOW WOW……

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