Teen Top is known as the “Second Shinhwa” in Thailand

Group Teen Top is known as “Little Shinhwa”, “Shinhwa’s Descendant” and “Second Shinhwa” by Thailand’s Media.

Recently on April 29th, Teen Top attended ‘K-Pop Charity Concert’ Press Conference that was held on Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand’s famous entertainment Media, ‘Pingbook’, as well as another local broadcaster “CH3”, and lot of medias also attended the Press Conference.

On this press conference there are a lot of questions asked by the medias such as: “Don’t you feel burden as the group who receives support from Shinhwa?”, “Eric appeared in your Music Video, how do you feel?”, “Known as Little Shinhwa, How do you feel?” and such a questions.

On this, Teen Top answered, “Although we’re Happy that Sunbaenim* [T/N:Senior] appeared in the Music Video, we always feel nervous every time we meet and don’t even know what to do. It’s an honor that we are known as ‘Second Shinhwa'”.
And those who watched Teen Top’s performance said, “This Group can be as big as Shinhwa on Hallyu”

Meanwhile, after 3 days and 2 nights in Thailand, Teen Top will return to Korea to prepare for their next album.

source: 6teentop


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