2NE1 to perform “Lonely” on Inkigayo at the end of May

2NE1 released their latest song “Lonely” last week and has already achieved an all-kill on online charts. In contrast to past songs, 2NE1 released a strong ballad song with a softer image. The music video for “Lonely” has been found to be the most popular in over 10 countries on Youtube.

According to YG Entertainment’s blog, 2NE1 will be performing their single “Lonely” for the first time live on television on SBS Inkigayo. The message on the blog post said, “”Everyone…By any chance do you wish to see 2NE1 perform on TV? Thinking about it…..May 29 4 pm 2NE1 will take the stage for ‘Lonely’ just once on a televised program. Do you think it will on SBS’ ‘Inkigayo?’ The possibility is 100%.”

YG Entertainment had announced before that 2NE1 would not be promoting their new and upcoming mini-album on television, and instead would be using their newly internet TV “YG ON AIR” as their promotional tool instead.

However, due to requests from fans, YG Entertainment has decided that 2NE1 will be performing “Lonely” on Inkigayo. 2NE1 will take the stage on Sunday, May 29th. However, they will perform “Lonely” for the very first time for fans on Thursday on “YG ON AIR.”

2NE1 will also released their new mini-album on June 23rd.

YG Entertainment has also recently announced a contest for 2NE1’s “Lonely.”

source: koreaboo


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