Teen Top continues the European K-Pop craze

Along with the current K-Pop craze in France due to SM Town, other artists are also hoping to promote worldwide. A couple months ago, in February, a French TV show Le Grand Journal began to fuel the K-Pop craze in France and all over Europe.

The TV show played a video of rookie South Korean idol group, Teen Top, performing their latest promotional track, “Supa Luv.” After the video aired, Teen Top experienced a rise in their international popularity. It has even been proposed that Teen Top should begin activities in France and in the rest of Europe.

The TV show went on to state that bringing Teen Top over to promote their music would allow for good cultural exchanges, especially since it has been proven that the K-pop effect is spreading worldwide.

They explained, “Teen Top’s popularity and the interest in K-Pop from young people keeps increasing. However, it is not easy to make these things happen directly.”

Teen Top’s entertainment agency went on to say, “We are hoping that Teen Top can open up the K-Pop market in countries such as France, Great Britain, Germany, and other European countries that have shown much interest to Teen Top’s promotional activities.”

It seems that K-Pop is really starting to spread worldwide, as seen by the enormous response of fans wanting to attend the SM Town concerts in Paris. How many K-Pop events do you have in your country? Would you like to see more?

source: koreaboo


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