5dolls’ ‘Like This or That’ MV

5dolls memebrs cannot wait anymore for their comeback, and have released their first MV for ‘Like This or That’.

Yesterday the 5dolls announced that they will return on May 11th and also introduced a teaser of their first MV ‘Like This or That’ .

Now they have finally revealed the complete version of it making fans really happy with the fast updates.

Like we mentioned the MV has a comic-like style. The song is quite surprising at the beginning and presents powerful vocals. The story revolves around Hyo Young being the new girl at school and how she and Hye Won become friends after being fooled by the same guy.

Also if you take a closer look at the beginning of the MV there is a little mistake since Hye Won’s name is written as Hey Won, probably just a cute typo, that will surely cause some discussion among the fans.

Take a look at the video and rember that they will promote two tracks this time, so be ready for the next MV that will feature the song ‘Without You’.

source: gokpop


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