Sul-hoo introduces himself as X-5′s baby

The youngest member of Open World Entertainment‘s new boy band, X-5, released his profile image today.

The 15-year-old singer (born in 1995) turns 16 this year and Sul-hoo’s is already 188cm tall. Musical model man’s agency announced that the members of the group have already been chatting away with fans online. They plan to release profiles, as well as, interesting trivia about each boy as they get closer to their official debut.

I’m always interested in new boy bands and this one isn’t any different. Will they be a carbon copy of b-bands past,or will the new group bring something fresh and new to the mundane male K-pop? I want to see them shake up the industry in a good way!

Sources: SeoulNTN and Open World Ent(photo) + popseoul


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