Open World reveals second X-5 member Zin

Open World, the company responsible for The Boss, revealed another member of their upcoming boy group X-5 yesterday.

As previously mentioned, their official site had a strange, encrypted series of letters. While it’s obvious what the “X” in the beginning and the roman “5” at the end meant, people kept discussing the possibility of the other letters. A few days ago it was made clear that it is indeed a reference to the boys’ stage names, as the first one to be revealed under the letter S was Sulhu. It’s been made clear that Sulhu is in fact the group’s maknae. Though he’s only 15, he stands at a height of 188cm or about 6’2″.

Yesterday, however, a second picture popped up at the second letter Z. The members name was revealed to be Zin.

Stage Name: Zin (진)
Birthday: 1993.07.20
Height: 189cm
Blood Type: A

Are you looking forward to seeing the other members revealed?

source: koreaboo


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