4minute’s “Heart to Heart” Cover and Tracklist Unveiled

The tracklist and cover art for 4minute’s comeback single “Heart to Heart” has been unveiled preceding its released on March 29th.
Earlier, the music video for 4minute’s highly anticipated Korean comeback “Heart to Heart” was released. Adding to the hype, the album cover and the complete tracklist have recently been released to the public.
4mintue first came onto the music scene with the release of “Hot Issue” followed by “MUZIK” in 2009, both of which were generally well received. “HUH” was released in 2010; its positive reviews finally established 4minute as a legitimate group in the music industry. After promoting in Japan, the girls underwent a lengthy preparation process and are now ready to once again take the music world by storm with the release of their single “Heart to Heart”.
Dubbed what is expected to be the “hot track of 2011”, “Heart to Heart” marks 4minute’s first Korean release after nearly a year. In addition to the title track, four brand new tracks will be included in the single, as seen below:
1. 4Minutes Left
2. Heart to Heart
3. Sweet Suga Honey!
4. You Know
5. 모르는 척
“Heart to Heart” is slated for released tomorrow, March 29th.

source: gokpop


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  1. i really really like your group

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